I am a...

Plant Professional

I've worked in specialized agriculture for over 9 years, and I currently work in Operations for a Nashville-based food company specializing in organic mushrooms. I love problem-solving to grow and bring quality food products to market.


I've been captivated by computers and the internet since childhood, and ever since I've enjoyed working with various hardware, operating systems, applications, coding languages, and (more recently) machine learning models to bring my ideas to life.

Musician & Audio Engineer

For over a decade, I've produced electronic music and toured throughout the US and internationally under the name "Moniker". I've created countless tracks and performed in hundreds of venues. Along with my work as a touring musician, I'm also a freelance audio engineer and sound designer for podcasts and various other digital media.


I teach music production and audio engineering in Ableton live, both in workshop settings and private lessons. As a music educator, I enjoy putting the power of knowledge in the hands of capable students and allowing them to grow and pursue their creative dreams.

& Lifelong Learner

I love exploring new areas of interest, acquiring knowledge and expertise, and challenging my own beliefs and understandings of the world. To nurture this passion, I seek out fellow growth-oriented people and do my best to befriend them.